7/9 (ninth day of summer)

wake up late(r). pb n j protein smoothie. finish baking ma cookies (put Oreos in some of them! exciting things I tell ya). garner current events. plan to pack. go out to Mega. shop for stuff with Alan n mom and then eat Dintaifung. head on to Big City (3rd trip there in less than a week my gosh). Uniqlo for the win. home. do long-waited dishes and cleaned kitchen sink although should’ve been packing. pack. planned to swim and dance but ended up doing neither. goof. eat. pack. finished psych writing. goof. pack. eat and goof.

7/8 (8th day of summer)

also this is second to last day I’ll be making a summer recap post prolly

wake up late(r). sandwich and avocado. one section of SAT critical reading. psych diagrams. pick up Alan and go to Costco. 3 celery stalks, 2 cucumbers, 1/2 a carrot plus leftover Vietnamese spring roll sauce and a bowl of pb+fage later, finish reading IOI. skip eye appointment and spend afternoon experimenting with healthy cookie dough alternatives cuz. yeah. also marvel at pretty sister pictures. go to dance class early and do the most psych homework in a chunk of time that ever. dance class where, for a change, I was more experienced. felt only a little bit more confident. stay after and read a cute little book (little ballet girl’s secret diary?) while waiting to be picked up. ChunShuiTang rice on the car. home. make actual cookie dough (courtesy of Eugenie Kitchen). clean bathroom sink. people. goals for tomorrow: -pack for ioi -current events: garner this week’s and write at least one -sat -swim? -dance class -review IOI

7/7 (seventh! day of summer vacation)

wake up early and go for a walk with dad and dogs. plan to do work. do a bit of work and some more youtubing. tofu brownie. last week’s current events amassing drp. lunch. fall asleep for minutes. read current events. meet with Joyce at Big Cuty because she had troubles. Listen to her rant about this problem with small people and ridiculous adults that need to grow up (but can’t anymore because they’re all grown up already! such is reality. this is the world we live in). walk around for 3 hours talking about senior year and stuff to do. home. dinner. homemade Vietnamese spring rolls yum. people. psych diagrams.

so I still didn’t finish things because of the sudden need of a friend. so yeah
goals for tomorrow:
-finish ioi reading
-finish psych diagrams and self-observation questions
-write up on last week’s current events
-practice one sat section
-dance class
-read Jane
-astrid and hiccup

7/6 (sixth day of summer)

wake up and wait. Jill arrives and we do one and a half hours of blogilates because I can’t run due to shifted ankle bone and consequence strain again. then we entertain ourselves with “httyd” clips and Cassey’s videos. then food and tv. and FaceTime with adorable people. play with Pepper. lunch I made delicious lime-pepper-avocado-egg-cucumber-ciabatta yum. then some work and only some. “httyd” one with Alan heh oops. clean up some things in the study. council officer online meeting. ioi reading urgh what. talk to a bajillion peeps

goals for tomorrow:
-run/walk with dad
-psych hw
-really finish ioi perusal
-sat practice JUST 20min for starters
-swim! or blogi
-collect gov current events because i really, really need to

7/5 recap (fifth day of summer)

posting this a day late.

woke up late. run with dad and dogs and Jill, except I walked instead because dance class left my body stiff as wood. intro Jill to blogilates. do one video or so. bye Jill. be tired. eat out with family from mainland China but was very standoffish because tired and awkward. stop by home and actually fall asleep for three to four hours while they go out again wat. wake at six and make Sally’s macaroons. then do little work and much tired blah. I don’t remember. sytycd 11?